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How are lashes applied?

Each Natural lash is isolated one by one and a single lash extension is applied. The extension is glued only to the natural lash and never to the skin.

How long do they last?

Clients are encouraged to book fill appointments every 2-3 weeks. Each person will vary depending on individual retention. Maintaining a proper cleaning routine will assist in better retention.

Will my natural lashes fall out?

No. Lashes shed on a natural growth cycle. Otherwise, after making so many wishes on fallen lashes, we’d all be lashless! If you notice a fallen extension with a natural root attached, don’t panic, this means your natural lash has shed with the extension attached. The extensions did not “pull out” your natural lash.

Why am I losing extensions quickly?

There are several different variables that can cause premature shedding. Factors such as weather, level of activeness, skincare products, natural skin oils, etc. Each individual lash has it’s own shedding cycle, occasionally, shedding cycles can sync, causing multiple lashes to shed at similar times. Nothing to fear, your lashes are still growing, you just have more baby lashes at their beginning stage. Accidental exposure to water, steam or excess humidity, is another possibility. This type of early exposure (before the 24hr curing period) can hinder the curing process, therefor not allowing the perfect bond between extension and natural lash to form.

What if I don’t like them?

If you are unhappy with the look of the lashes after your appointment, please let us know. If it has to do with style/length, we will do our best to find the correct solution for you. If you prefer to just have them removed, we can offer a removal service free of charge within 5 days of your lash application. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund on the original service.

What if I have a reaction?

If you have a reaction, please inform us. Try applying coconut oil in the case of mild symptoms (light itching/redness) to potentially diminish irritations. If the symptoms subside, we can discuss further actions. If the symptoms are more severe, please contact a medical professional. As technicians, we are not able to perform removals on clients showing symptoms as it is not safe to further apply chemicals. Once you have consulted with a medical professional and the symptoms have cleared, we can only then safely perform a removal.

Can you accommodate for sensitivities?

Yes, we have several options and substitutions to help avoid irritations if you have any concerns. We will do our best to find the best combination for you!

Why are hybrid and volume more expensive?

Hybrid and volume lash appointments are more expensive because they not only require more time to complete, but also the mastery of a different technique. Volume fans are created by hand during the appointment and applied directly to the natural lash one by one. Creating the perfect volume fan takes time, patience, and precision. Only fans that “pass the test” are applied during your appointment to be able to achieve the perfect fluffy look!

Can I wear makeup or mascara?

Once you have lash extensions, you will quickly realize upon first glance that you won’t need mascara! If you still would like to use some on the days closer to your fills, it’s best to use a product that is approved for eyelash extensions. As far as makeup, when it comes to eyeliner, it is best to stay away from gel and pencil liners. These products are made of a wax base, and though they may slide on smooth, they harden when dry sometimes causing the lash extensions to clump together. Liquid liners and eyeshadow make a much better pairing with your shiny new lash extensions!