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Classic Lashes

This is a technique which involves one individual lash extension per isolated natural eyelash.Β  It is considered the perfect “natural” look.Β  For clients with a full natural lash line, classic lashes will create a bold, mascara-like look, while adding length.Β  For clients with fewer lashes, a naturally thicker and wispy look can be achieved.

Hybrid Lashes

The hybrid technique combines the use of individuals lash extensions and volume fans. A great style for clients curious about volume, want to add a little β€œoomph” but aren’t ready to take the plunge. It’s the best of both worlds, mixing the fluffy density of volume and the bold, defined appearance of classic, creating an overall textured look.

Volume Lashes

This technique is achieved by carefully pick up 3-7 thin extensions to form a fan and placing it on an isolated natural lash. Volume lashes are for clients in search of a fuller, more glamorous, β€œva-va-voom” look. This thick and fluffy style creates an β€œeyeliner” effect thanks to the density of the lash line. Dramatic and soft all in one!

Lash Lift

A lash lift is a low maintenance procedure that involves curling and tinting the lashes to create a natural and lifted mascara look. A perming cream, neutralizing cream, and black tint are used to curl and deepen the natural lashes for 6-8 weeks. Lash lifts are perfect for clients who prefer a more low maintenance service or ,sadly, have developed an allergy to lash extensions.